In this moment, I am grateful for:

-Beautiful gems of beans to crack open and admire.  

-Piles of shiny peppers to roast! Stocky Red Roaster sweet peppers grown from seed from our friends at Wild Garden Seed.

-New friends!  We had the pleasure of hosting the lovely girls from the Shifting Gears Project.  They have been biking from small farm to farm from New York all the way to California, highlighting women in agricultural across the country.  They are funny and delightful, and we are glad they made the trek to our farm as a part of their epic journey.  We put them to work harvesting pepper seed so we could have a major pepper roast!! Yum.

-All the seeds that nourish and guide the work here at our farm. This week we have been harvesting cucumber, tomato, and lettuce seed.  

-Sunshine in jars!  The latest creation was ketchup, made from a recipe from an old friend who was one of the first women to inspire me to be a farmer.  Makes me glad I have one of those old recipe boxes to hold all these old treasured recipes and memories.

-Restful moments in the high country, to soak in the beauty of the mountains. Abundant gratitude for the Crystalline water to rejuvenate and refill our inner wells.

-Playful kids finding crawdads and other cool critters at Indian Creek, in the beautiful Indian Valley in Plumas County.  

-Love in our hearts.  Gordon and I celebrate 9 years married this August 28th.  It will be 13 years together total.  What a blessing to find this lovely soul.  May we spend many more years together, supporting each others journey and passions. 

-Grateful for the wisdom of the ancients.  Being reminded daily that I must continue this work to return the gift.  It is in this spirit of reciprocity  that I sing to the Earth, sing to the seeds, share my stories and seeds with others, and share my love with those around me.  What an honor and a privilege it is to walk and live on this Mother Earth.  

“Under reverent, patient care, the wild seed gradually relinquishes its protective husk and entrusts its reproductive life to human hands….(thus) this sacred law and covenant with Mother Earth; Respectful care brings abundance. If you take, you must give back-Return the gift. ” -Marilou Awiakta