Here is what I am currently devoting my time to…..



Launching the first cohort of our creative incubator/mentorship cohort called Seeding Change!


Collaborating with a few creative intuitives on an upcoming online writing course.


Interacting with the amazing students in the community forums of our self-paced online course, Seed Seva Seasonal Mentorship. 


Working on my memoir about finding my way home to a sense of place and purpose through restoring relationships to my ancestral seeds.


Sharing glimpses of my creative farm life through Instagram and continually maxing out the character count with my long-form IG captions! 


Developing curriculum and providing facilitation for the Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund, a creative foray into radical philanthropy


    Taking a year sabbatical on speaking engagements; to get on a waitlist for when I begin again in 2021, click this link.