Come walk this path of learning with me….

We guide and mentor curious, engaged, receptive, creative, intuitive, solutions-oriented, innovative heart-centered humans who are making change in their community food/seed systems through a multitude of pathways. 

We mentor emerging leaders who want to align their leadership and mentorship with cultural values of interdependence and healing.

We host creative group mentorship programs that inspire and uplift.

Virtual courses that guide you through deep and thoughtful inquiry and practice.

We provide in-person community-based facilitation with a heart-centered approach to hearing what needs to be said in the room and asking provoking questions.

We host immersion learning retreats that restore, rejuvenate, reconnect and awaken the senses. 

We guide farmers, gardeners, food justice activists to feel nourished, empowered and uplifted to grow their capacity as creative leaders, visionaries, and changemakers through mentorship/facilitation on seed stewardship and food sovereignty through our signature offerings, Seed Seva and Seeding Change.

I invite you to explore working with us, as we reseed the landscape and imagine a more beautiful world for our children and descendants.  Together, we will cultivate a unique pathway that supports you to truly thrive.

Seed Seva Online Mentorship

Join our signature online mentorship course, which is a good place to start if you want to learn more about my body of work with seeds and seed literacy.

Work with Rowen 1:1

Rowen offers her consulting and strategic visioning and leadership training services to both communities and organizations wishing to build programs and projects that focus on food and seed sovereignty rooted in cultural values of interdependence, healing, integrity, compassion, and dignified resurgence. 

Seeding Change Creative Leadership Incubator/

Seeding Change is a new creative incubator group leadership/mentorship circle for informed eaters, visionaries, seedkeepers, emerging food justice leaders and lovers of life, guided by Rowen White of Sierra Seeds and Indigenous Seedkeepers Network who want to continue to nourish their growing edges and capacities to sow seeds of hope and action into the world.

Retreats and Learning Immersions

Join us as we gather in retreats and immersions that center nourishing connection for all conscious and mindful eaters, lovers of life, guardians of life, storytellers, activists, and those who carry a new vision of Earth stewardship for future generations. Practical and integrative knowledge that will deepen your understanding of the cycles of life.

Speaking Engagements

An international keynote speaker, Rowen White is well known for her combination of heart-centered storytelling and sharing her deeply inspirational vision of the future of foodways that honors the role of cultural memory rooted in an indigenous ecology of interconnected relations.  

Sierra Seeds Creative Residency

Learn more about our farm residency program, where our beautiful land hosts you to be in creative sanctuary to tend to the projects and endeavors in your life that could be nourished and supportive by the life-giving seed energy that flourishes here on this hillside. This is a unique experience, different from a farm internship program.