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As a part of your $25 annual dues, you will receive:

  • 6 free seed packets of your choice

  • 15% Discounts on all purchases made from Sierra Seeds!! This means: Seeds, books, apparel, and seed saving workshops hosted by the cooperative.

  • 25% of all membership dues go into a “Local Seed Steward Scholarship Fund,” which grants stipends to our local seed growers to attend agricultural and seed related conferences, workshops and trainings! 


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Sierra Seed Cooperative is a locally owned business, and we promote a strong and sustainable community by supporting other local farmers and businesses.

All money spent on seeds and memberships at Sierra Seeds has very tangible local economic impact.  In addition to keeping your dollars local, a portion of your membership money goes directly into an education scholarship fund for our circle of growers to attend agricultural and seed related conferences and workshops to become even better seed stewards!!

All seeds that you buy from Sierra Seeds creates an economic incentive for farmers and gardeners in our area to re-integrate seed saving back into their farm-cycle.  When joining as a member, your seed dollars are supporting a responsible seed company, one that doesn’t support the larger trend of consolidation, patenting, genetic modification and exploitation of resources.

You can feel good about your support of our cooperative, as the money you spend goes directly to support the “re-localization” of seed in our food system.  The larger benefits of joining us as a member means you are helping to build a foundation for both food security and seed sovereignty in our local community!

If you don’t live in our watershed, you still reap the benefits of getting the Membership Discount!

Upon Payment Confirmation you will receive an email from us with your coupon code to Receive 6 Free Packs of Local Seeds from our Shopping Cart.  Feel free to purchase additional seeds with your Free Seed order. 

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