IMG_0662Our Internship program is now full for the Summer 2015 season!  Please check back with us for the next round which will be in Jan 2016 for our Winter Internship, and in April 2016 for the Full Summer Season.  

In The meantime, come check out our Seed Seva Immersion, which is an 8 day distillation of the seasonal mentorship.

The summer internship program at Sierra Seeds has an emphasis on education around ethical and heart centered organic seed stewardship. We have crafted a seasonal curriculum to teach all aspects of seed stewardship over the 7 month season on our Seed Farm in North San Juan, CA. 

Sharing my passion for seeds and socially responsible business enterprise is one of my favorite aspects of the internship. I have a background in organic plant breeding and on-farm crop improvement, and much of the work we do at Sierra Seeds relates to regional seed adaptation. In addition to my work as Director of Sierra Seeds, I have been facilitating and teaching workshops and seed saving immersions all over the country with Native Seed/SEARCH groundbreaking educational program called “Seed School.” This internship opportunity is at the cornerstone of the work we do at Sierra Seeds. While our mission is to provide access to regionally adapted seeds, the true heart of what we strive to do is to empower and grow confident seed stewards. By providing economic incentive and on-the-ground support and assistance to our growers, we are building a truly sustainable local seed system in Nevada County.  We run a number of creative educational programs that reawakens seeds in the hearts and the minds of the people.  


  • direct seeding and transplanting
  • seed saving
  • On farm crop improvement
  • Taxonomy and Botany
  • harvesting
  • weeding
  • weed/native plant identification
  • bed preparation
  • pest control
  • direct marketing


Interns will also learn about the importance of small, human-powered, local farming through thought-provoking, inspiring, and sometimes controversial excerpts from several books and articles provided. We will provide trainings in these skills, as well as a well-rounded reading list to provoke thoughtful dialogue at our farm lunches. We create lasting friendships and thoughtful conversations as we work together to bring a diverse array of vegetables, flowers, and herbs from seed-to-seed.

Here’s a quote from a previous intern:

“Working with Rowen and her family at their farm, Sierra Seeds was like coming home to a part of me that modern education/culture doesn’t emphasize. The conviction, information, and heritage that Rowen brings to the internship makes it an extremely educational and hands-on experience. Not only did I learn how to plant, care for, harvest, and save seed but I reconnected to the sacred intention of it all. Leaving the internship, I feel grounded in the belief that food sovereignty is a right that we each have and empowered in moving forward with my own work in this area!” -Rachel T. 2013″ 


Sierra Seeds | Internship Program

Accepting Applications until Feb 1st, 2014. Season is April-Nov.

Two Half-Day work commitment, 4-5 hours work each day, plus 1 hour lunch/discussion. **In April, we eat lunch first and then work from 1-5 pm. When it gets warm enough (around the beginning of May), we switch to mornings, working from 8-noon and eating lunch afterward. There will be 4 internship positions, so there will be a diverse community of individuals to keep it lively and interesting! We open our home and hearts to the skills and stories that each intern has to share with us. You need no previous farming experience, just a willingness to work hard and a curious mind to learn! 

This internship is an equitable exchange between farmer and interns. We will be your certified Farmer Mentors, and we work hard to share with you everything we know about running a farm based seed company and seed farm. We also aim to connect you with a vast network of resources and other local experts to fill in the gaps. As an intern, you become an integral part of the farm, with unique responsibilities and an opportunity to develop a wealth of skills. Your responsibility is to make a steadfast commitment to the farm, to showing up ready and willing to learn and to work. In addition to the educational experience, Interns will receive weekly produce from farm, plus 2 books and handouts, and a diverse seed collection at the end of the season.

There is no housing provided with this part-time internship. We have crafted the program schedule so that there is time and space for you to have another part-time employment off the farm. 

If you have a longing to re-engage into the cycles of seed stewardship, to deepen and elevate your connection to your garden plants, then this is the right internship for you!

If this is interesting and intriguing to you, please contact Rowen at
or call her at 530-368-1350 and you can get the full internship packet with application. Please share this with others who may be interested!